Team Picture:
Top Row: Coach Justin Behl, Coach Todd Campbell, Coach Scott Morgan, Coach Roger Faulkner, Coach Tony Selveri
Fourth Row: Tim Schember, Jim Root, Larry Moore, Craig Nelson, Chirs Logan
Third Row: Mike Cooper, Matt Cooper, Matt Beach, Troy Rouse, David Thorp.
Second Row: Jason Knapp, David Campbell, Frank Johnson, Adam Johnson, Jerry Houck
First Row: Matt Wooten, Matt Logan, Jason Hayes, Anthony Engler, Tom Cousineau

Season Recap:
Scott Morgan took over the Pine River Football program for one season in 1994. While the Bucks managed to stay in most of the games, they only managed to win one. The Bucks started out with losses to Morley Stanwood and Reed City before beating Lake City 7-0. The Bucks would struggle on offense and would be shut out 4 of their last 5 games including a 6-0 heartbreaker against Grayling.