Team Picture:
Back Row: M. McHenry, S. Lindquist, R. Stewart, T. Crawford, M. Gamble, D. Ruppert, G. Clark, M. Sturdavant, M. Torrey
Middle Row: T. Wilkins, M. Root, P. VandenBosch, H. Sawyer, B. Galloup, S. Oginski, B. Sible, T. Sawyer, K. Baker
Front Row: Manager T. Crawford, D. Church, J. Hartline, M. Vokes, J. Salisbury, K. Lawrence, D. Ruppert, W. Fulks, Manager R. Helsel

The 1981 Bucks started the season off hot. They won three of their first four games, and four of their first six games. A 31-0 shutout of Marion, and a 18-12 overtime defeat of Lake City were a few of the season’s highlights. The Bucks dropped their last 3 games, two of the those loses came to teams that finished the regular season undefeated. The ’81 squad still managed to tie for second place in the Highland conference. Their overall record was 4-5.