Team Picture:
Back Row: Coach Cecil Birch, Bob Mueller, Doug Grzybowski, Dirk Hyde, Brian Gamble, Randy Leutz, Jack Haun, Paul Anstett, Kurt Baker, John VandenBosch, Coach Mike Bulger
Front Row: Danny Campbell, Kelly Gugle, Andy Parmalee, Mike Demory, Gary Campbell, Sam Draper, Nick Hearn, Daryl Pococke, Mike Lucas, Missing Dick Ward

The 1977 team won two games and lost seven. Like the ’76 squad, they lost a couple heartbreakers that could have turned the season around. The year started out rough, the Bucks were shutout in their first two games. The team showed signs of life when the played a solid Beal City team and lost by the score of 19-6 in week 3. The Bucks broke into the win column in week 6 when they beat McBain 20-14. In that game, QB Kelly Gugle rushed for two touchdowns and passed for a touchdown and a two-point conversion. The highlight of the year came in week 9 as the Bucks Beat Kalkaska 22-20 on senior night. The Bucks came back from a 20-8 deficit thanks in part John VandenBosch’s touchdown run and his fumble return for a touchdown. Dirk Hyde and Andy Parmalee lead the defense that night, like they did most of the season, recording 21 and 18 tackles respectively.