Team Picture:
Back Row: Coach Blackledge, Fred Swanson, Herbert Jennings, Richard Turnblom, Roy Beach, Jerry Nelson, Larry Swanson, Rod Van Avery, Bruce Lucas, Kevin Moore, Steve Knapp, Coach Raven
Front Row: George Corliss, Steve Blake, Bill Coker, Allen VanDyke, Fred Davis, Mike Johnson, Craig Hinsley, Mark Hastings

The Bucks opened the 1971 season against the McBain Ramblers. The Ramblers were not only opening the season, but also playing their first football game ever. The Ramblers weren’t the only new thing on the field that day. The Luther League, a local organization working to provide recreational facilities, donated a victory bell that was unveiled at half time of the game. The Bucks rang up a 40-18 win and rang that new bell for the first time. Fred Swanson was the Ramblers main nemesis as he scored 4 touchdowns on the ground and threw for 2 more. Unfortunately, the Bucks would lose 5 straight after the McBain game. Their second win of the season came on week 8 when they beat Baldwin 28-8. The Bucks and the Ramblers have played every year since, and many Pine River fans consider them our biggest Rival. Despite the fast start, the Bucks could only manage one more win that year against Baldwin in the next to last game of the year. Fred Swanson had another big game as he scored 4 touchdowns and picked off 4 passes. Mike Johnson had a big game on defense and racked up 19 tackles. The Bucks couldn’t keep the momentum going and lost a close one to Marion on the last night of the season by a score of 22-26. Pine River finished with a 2-6 record.